Hemanth Muppa

Agri-Business Management Professional

About Me

I had always wanted to work in agriculture because I am a huge fan of plants. I've been doing it since I was four years old. My interest in agriculture began when I was a child. at a young age, having grown up in a family that also owned farmland. When I was seven years old, our farm was suffering huge losses due to distribution and other business issues. Following that, I became determined to pursue a career in agribusiness. That would assist me in being capable of handling all production, processing, and distribution tasks. I attended Suresh Gyan Vihar University in India to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) degree, and I graduated with honours. with a grade point average of 7.3, I was involved in a variety of activities while at university. I was the president of a campaign to educate people about a specific weed that is dangerous to both plants and humans. I also interned at a local government authority that looks after farmers, which allowed me to get a head start on my college work and provided me with the opportunity to do so. I am currently an agribusiness-management student at Fanshawe College, where I am learning how to manage agribusiness and other important aspects.